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Keto Diet Recipes

Feature Diet Recipes

Have you been thinking of ways to shed off a few pounds?
Is your aim to improve your health for a longer lifespan?
Do you want to eliminate unwanted fats and take control of your lifestyle?

If you answered Yes to all these questions, then this book was designed with you in mind!

The keto diet plays a very significant role in boosting your physical and mental energy levels so that you enjoy fewer cravings, lower caloric-intake, and more self-control.

In this book, you will learn;
•What is a Keto diet and how it works
•Health benefits of a keto diet
•Simple and Effective ways a keto diet eliminates unwanted fats
•Tips on how to get the most of your keto diet
•Your complete guide to shopping Keto foods
•Keto recipes (breakfast, lunch, salads, and dinner)

With this book, you will not only be able to improve your overall health but also improve your self-esteem.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Feature Mental Health

This book is to relieve/cope with frustrations, disappointments, and anxiety of everyday life are the source of stress.

  • In Part 1, we will cover the nature of stress, its characteristics, forms, and symptoms, as well as the harmful habits that stress can produce.
  • In Part 2, we learned how to cope with mental stress with healthy recipes and top tips and hacks to relieve mental stress. We established the vital concept of relaxation in relieving mental stress, fostering a peaceful mind.
  • In Part 3, we talked about how vital gut health is and how it affects your entire body, both positively and adversely.
  • In Part 4, the best healthy eating patterns for a healthy weight.

Half of the world's people are affected by mental illness, while the rest are under constant mental stress. If you wish to get rid of your stress, you must read this book chapter by chapter.

Preparation is the key to avoiding severe stress problems; thus, I wrote this Mental Health and Wellbeing : The Complete Guide Stress Relief to give you detailed information for informed decisions that you will need during a crisis to relieve yourself of stress.